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Penny Musco

I'm a freelance writer crafting articles across a wide range of genres, especially the women's and travel markets. My work has appeared in Family Circle, AARP, USA Today and Costco Connection, among other periodicals.

I have a B.A. in theatre and worked for several years in radio.

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My Books

LifeLessonsfrontcoverproofandaward TheChristmasChildw12175300


Life Lessons from the National Parks' inspirational stories chronicle remarkable lands, events and people, but more importantly, they reflect the God who superintends each one. It’s a four-season exploration of more than forty parks, memorials and historic sites, and includes tips for planning your own visits.

A barren couple. A baby who needs a home. A husband adamantly opposed to adoption. The Christmas Child intertwines the themes of childlessness and cultural differences in an exciting inspirational story.

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LifeLessonsfrontcoverproofandaward TheChristmasChildw12175300