Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park

More Life Lessons from the National Parks:

God’s Still Present in America’s Most Glorious Places

National Park

    Since I wrote my first book, Life Lessons from The National Parks: Meeting God in America’s Most Glorious Places, I’ve only grown more astounded at how many of His attributes I find in the beauty and the stories of our four hundred-plus national parks sites.

    What most people don’t realize is these places not only show off our country’s stunning scenery, but recount our past as well, In fact, two-thirds of them were explicitly appointed to interpret our history and culture. That’s what makes them unique.

    As the old hymn says, the earth truly is our Father’s world, and all of creation shouts with joy over His handiwork (1 Chronicles 16:31–33). Our national parks are spaces where we can stop and join in, marveling not only in God’s splendor in nature, but how He moves in the lives of His greatest masterpieces, us humans.

    I’m delighted to once again share how God speaks everywhere in the wonders of our national parks.

    Endorsements for More Life Lessons from the National Parks: God’s Still Present in America’s Most Glorious Places:


    A deeply historical take on America’s great national parks. Penny brings a rich knowledge of their creation and formation, while reminding us of the Biblical lessons to be found in each. Every national park and historical site is a gift from God that we must steward well for the future, and this book helps us remember why.

—Hope Ogle, Communications Coordinator, A Christian Ministry in the National Parks

    Penny Musco collects locations our country has set aside within the National Park Service system—be that for the site’s natural beauty of otherworldly marvels, a historical victory or defeat, or a connection to country-changing individual—in More Life Lessons from Our National Parks, connecting those legacies to our individual religious and spiritual stories. She gives us new eyes to see God at work all around us in these venerated sites.

—Brad Lyons, president and publisher of CBP/Chalice Press, and coauthor of America’s Holy Ground: 61 Faithful Reflections on Our National Parks and America’s Sacred Sites: 50 Faithful Reflections on Our National Monuments and Historic Landmarks

    I love the way Penny Musco weaves Scripture and the eternal perspective of God’s plan into the stories she shares on the history of our national parks in More Life Lessons from the National Parks.

—Patricia Bradley, USA Today bestselling and award-winning author of The Natchez Trace Park Rangers series

    War, tragedy, triumph, and beauty fill the pages of More Lessons of the National Parks. Penny Musco invites you to retrace the significance of each national park while also using these stories as a springboard for personal reflection. As a gifted storyteller, Penny seamlessly connects her knowledge of US history to her insightful understanding of Scripture. This book will captivate your imagination, expand your understanding of God, and equip you to maximize your time spent visiting these national treasures.

—Jill Smith, author of Nature Unveiled: 40 Reflections on Experiencing God’s Creation

    Martin Luther once said: “God writes the Gospel, not in the Bible alone, but also on trees, and in the flowers and clouds and stars.” Penny Musco encourages twenty-first century readers to continue this journey, sharing biblical truths in the context of our National Parks. Thank you, Penny, for helping us connect love for creation with love for our Creator!

—Nancy Sleeth, co-founder of Blessed Earth and author of Almost Amish